Drawing App

We built a drawing app to celebrate our studio’s first birthday and to encourage our friends to send us a “birthday card”.

Interactive, Development, User Generated Content



Instead of creating some sort of celebratory graphic to announce our one year mark, we wanted to make something more exciting that our friends and network would be able to interact with. We came up with the idea of a drawing app as it would allow fans of the studio to make something for us, like a small present, and then share it with us.

=P Faces


We like the idea of allowing others to use our graphics and create something of their own, which is why we used our identity to make the drawing app brushes.


Visitors are able to select one of the brushes and change its size and rotation as well as change the background colour. We gave the option to interact with the app through the designed interface or with their keyboard.


With some imagination and exploration, visitors are able to create typographic messages, patterns, or just abstract feel-good drawings since all the faces are smiling!

Social Media

Once the visitor has completed their masterpiece they can share their “birthday card” with us on Twitter and Facebook. Alternatively, they can save their drawing if they wanted to share it on Instagram.

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