Momo Business Cards

Momo Identity

For Toronto-based tech accessory company Momo Case, we designed a new brand that’s inspired by the groovy 70s.

Branding, Identity, Creative Direction


The custom wordmark is inspired by typography found on late 60s and 70s gig posters and vinyl covers. The legs of the M extend and hug the “o”s to represent protection—a key aspect of the Momo products. This playful and organic wordmark was one of the elements we designed to create a brand identity that exudes warmth and sweetness.


For supporting graphics that enhance our strategy, we created 3 custom patterns inspired by decorative elements from the same period, such as wallpapers and textile patterns. These graphics are predominantly used in applications such as packaging, stationery and other print material, but also part of some digital applications such as their newsletter.

Business Cards

To infuse a layer of playfulness into the business cards, we made use of all the patterns we created by featuring them on the one side at random, and adding an extra chunky UV finish to accent the curviness of the logo on the opposite side.

Social Content

To enhance Momo Case’s Instagram content, we came up with some creative ideas that could engage their audience beyond conventional product and lifestyle shots. The goal was to generate ideas that would be relatively easy to reproduce by the internal team, so we presented a series of fun typographic posts with slogans to represent and align with their young audience. To add variety, we also gave them the option of making quick collages that showcase the accessories paired with cutouts of objects and other images to construct moodboards that communicate the vibe.

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