Puffy Love Digital

The challenge in developing a brand for this Toronto based bespoke marshmallow maker was to design a brand that felt young and bright but also refined and clean.

Branding, Packaging, Print, Photography


The primary objective was to showcase the wide range of flavours offered by our client and to familiarize people with the quality of the products. In addition, we created an easy-to-fill detailed form where customers can enquire about the products that are made to order. Since the majority of the traffic was through the client’s Instagram account, we optimized the website for mobile use.

Instagram Content

Most of the Puffy Love audience engages the brand through Instagram, so we mainly focused on creating content for this channel. The content featured on the profile is a collection of curated graphics, product photography, and real-life moments. We developed a variety of templates that are used for specific types of content. For example, we use one style to announce events in which the client is participating, while we use another one to showcase new products.

Event Digital Flyer

During events some customers were reluctant to further engage with the brand by either taking a printed flyer or connecting on social media. After identifying this fickle group, we decided to develop a low-commitment solution to maintain a connection. We created a digital flyer to further engage them and incentivize them to sign up for our newsletter in exchange for a discount on their next order.


To inform past customers of new products and company news, we created a newsletter. Since some of them have visited Puffy Love at an event, we also created loyalty coupons that were only available through the newsletter.

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