Wolfe Business Cards

Wolfe ID Identity

We designed a new brand identity for Wolfe Interior Design, a renowned interior architecture and design firm based in Toronto.

Branding, Illustration, Print

Rebrand & Concept

When Jessica Helps founded Wolfe Interior Design in 2016, the demands of operating a young firm left little time to think about her brand identity. Therefore, the original identity was minimal and simple without a clear connection to her vision. In the first year of operation her team, the number of projects, and the firms notoriety grew, so the need for a new, more mature identity became obvious. Miss Helps entrusted our team and asked for an identity that reflected her clientele and her projects: refined, custom, and one of a kind. Our focus fundamentally was on key elements of their practice: strong interior architecture values and a love for artisanal materials.


We were fortunate to have a generous six month timeline to work on this project, which allowed us to research, ideate, and iterate more than any of our projects to date. We decided to design a custom monogram and use artisanal finishes for the broader identity to align with our client’s core values. Our exploration spanned from tens of monograms to a variety of natural textures, making this our most rigorous project yet.

Final Identity

The result of our exploration is a refined identity that consists of a custom sans serif wordmark, a strong structural monogram that can be used on its own for applications with limited space, and a colour palette that reflects the love for natural surfaces and materials. Since there are many printed documents such as presentations, architectural drawings, and moodboards that the team needed to work with, we selected Proxima Nova as the secondary font. The legible, clean sans serif font is available on all the platforms and applications their team uses to produce their documentation.

Wolfe Terrazzo

Terrazzo Illustration

Since Wolfe ID’s work is mainly visual there wasn’t a need for many supporting graphics. However we wanted the stationary to reflect their love for artisanal materials. We decided to go with a terrazzo illustration because it’s a method with which you can achieve a unique look that can never be 100% replicated. Similarly, Wolfe ID’s designers use their knowledge, experience, and a proven process to design spaces that are tailored to their clients.


Our approach to the firms stationary was to create print pieces that feel like the spaces they design. It was important to use print processes like letterpress and foil and to source the finest papers since the environments they create have high-end features and are built by the most skilled artisans and builders. We wanted to reflect their desire to make something unique and beautiful that their clients will connect with deeply.

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