LUV Experiment

To celebrate love’s every shape, shade, and size, we created an interactive online experiment. Our LUV page creates randomly generated typographic compositions every time you refresh the page.

Interactive, Development, Typography


The concept was to create a digital Valentine that shows how love is unique and always beautiful. We decided to combine our love for typography and doodling with our love for code and allow people to play around with the results. The idea was to keep it simple so visitors could easily view each composition.

Style and Typography

We wanted the aesthetic and feeling of the experiment to be approachable and tender without falling into the common sticky Valentine’s Day theme. The typography produced was all hand-sketched with a variety of materials to convey different tones to our combinations. We wanted to showcase that regardless of the material, style, or tone, the end result is beautiful, just like love. Overall, the result for the combinations was very playful.

desktop holding page iPad frame


Since the idea for our experiment was to create a website that functioned more like a digital Valentine’s Day card, we made the interface as simple as possible. The functionality of the page is limited to refreshing for a new composition, opening an overlay that has some information and our favourite quote about being in love and share buttons.

mobile website iPhone frame


We adapted the experience to work well on mobile by placing a refresh button near the bottom of the page for easy access since most of our traffic would come from our social media channels.

Social Content

To promote our LUV project, we created a GIF of all of the hand-drawn typography we used on the website to post on Dribbble as well as a short video loop that featured our favourite typography combinations with an ever-changing pastel background.

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