One Year Posters

To celebrate our studio’s first birthday, we made three risograph prints and sent them to all our friends.

Typography, Print, Animation


We wanted to create a branded piece that can work as an art print, and as typography and lettering lovers we decided to make typographic compositions. We choose words that expressed our excitement for making it to one year, created custom lettering, and used our brand graphics as a brush.


We decided to print our posters in risograph as we love the amazing and random textures that the process produces. The risograph prints were sent to friends and fans of our work as a gift.

Social Content

We wanted to share our excitement and our posters, so we created some social content on Instagram and GIPHY to promote them. Anyone could order one for free!


We also created some animated pieces. Each animation was designed to loop seamlessly, and is only using one movement/method that also represents some of the values we’ve accredited our success to making it to a year.

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