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Puffy Love x Sweetery 2016

One of the most important events for Puffy Love is the Sweetery Toronto Food Festival. Our work involved everything from a creative digital campaign to the event display.

Development, Photography, Display Design

Digital Ads

To bring our audience to the event and to the Puffy Love booth, we ran a creative digital ad campaign that included playful targeted digital banners, a summer-themed Instagram video ad, and a Facebook campaign.

Landing Page

Our ad campaign drove traffic to the landing page, which spread the word about the event and highlighted Puffy Love products that were offered at the booth. The landing page was optimized for both desktop and mobile since the Instagram ad would lead to the mobile version.

View the live landing page.

Product Photography

Since Puffy Love created signature flavours for the event, we wanted to create content that focused on the seasonal product. Inspired by the summer cocktail flavours, we photographed unique compositions that were used across social media.

instagram posts

Instagram Content

We knew the largest engagement was on Instagram, so we created teasers for the event, which included providing information about the festival, promoting the seasonal flavours, and showing the preparation for the event. During the event, we shared a lot of on-site content from the Puffy Love booth and from other vendors. Finally, at the end of the event, we thanked everyone who came to the booth and the event organizers.

snapchat filter

Snapchat Filter

To entice some of the festival visitors to visit the Puffy Love booth, we created a Snapchat filter. When users would snap their experience, they would potentially see the filter and be curious to find the Puffy Love booth. It was also a fun way to brand Puffy Love’s content from the event.

Event Display

We created a custom display for the Puffy Love table that was meant to resemble puffy clouds. The display was mainly a backdrop for the products since it was at an open space. The props were handcut, spray painted, and covered with glitter to draw attention from afar and arranged individually on the table. This was low-cost yet effective solution for the client.

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