desktop loading screen

Random Trivia Generator App

We redesigned the RTG web app and native apps to modernize the interface. We unified the experience across platforms while maintaining the simplicity of the functionality.

User Experience, User Interface, Animation, Illustration

mobile app wireframes


We created wireframes to iterate on the structure and user experience before making an investment on the visual design.

Desktop Card View

The default view for the app is card view, which allows for a gamified experience of the app since the answers are hidden on the back of the card.

Desktop List View

Users are able to toggle to list view, where the question and answers are visible simultaneously.

prompt to add to home screen

Smaller Screens

We designed the web app to be responsive to accommodate all screens. For tablet, we designed a prompt to add the web app to the home screen.

iOS and Android App

The native apps include onboarding screens to familiarize existing and new users with mobile-specific interactions.

category icons


We conducted research to see what are the most common visuals that people associate the six trivia categories with and designed them at the smallest scale that people would see them across all devices.

loading screen loading quiz machine load more animation refresh animation

Animated Elements

Animations are used in the app to help transition from one state to the next, for example loading the app, generating a random quiz, refreshing a page, or loading more trivia.

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