trivia machine

RTG Holding Page

We created a holding page for the popular quiz-generating app Random Trivia Generator, to inform the existing audience of the upcoming redesign and to engage new users.

Interactive, Illustration, Development

Desktop Vesion

We designed a simple experience where the user can interact with the machine and generate random trivia by pulling down a lever. We hid the purpose of the page in an overlay that the user could access through an animated information button. Through the page the user could subscribe for more information or access the old website.

Mobile Version

It was important to accommodate for smaller screens and devices because our data showed that users were accessing the old website on mobile devices even though the site wasn’t optimized for mobile. Creating a responsive holding page showed our commitment to building a responsive platform for the existing users.

Social Media

We created an interim brand for the Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote the holding page, and this helped grow our audience on social media prior to the upcoming launch of the new app.

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