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Random Trivia Generator Identity

When the Random Trivia team decided to gamify its utilitarian app, our first task was creating a brand that breaks away from the clichéd trivia industry.

Branding, Illustration, Print

old website

Old Brand

The existing look and feel of the web app consisted of only HTML text. Since Random Trivia used default system fonts for the app, it could barely be considered a brand.

Brand Mark

Taking the name literally, we created an illustration of a complex generator that produces random trivia. The brand mark is presented within the machine that can be scaled down and reduced to one input, output, and screen. The brand mark is reduced to the screen for limited-space applications. The screen is an inside joke about the old HTML website, and it is inspired by early computer interfaces and also reinforces the retro feel of the brand.


The machine panels are inspired by professional synthesizers and mixing instruments with multiple input and output fields. The colours are inspired by the primary colours, red, yellow and blue, and children’s rooms and toys from the 50s. The illustration is designed to be scaled down to various surfaces and to be interchangeable.


The idea of for the business card was to create a conversation starter rather than just an exchange-of-information medium. We created a set of twenty business cards that each feature different trivia about the card holder.

Social Media

To apply the machine panels on the social media properties, we tested and reiterated the illustration for it to appear correctly for different browsers and devices. Since the name of the profile is always visible, we condensed the brand mark to its essence: a black screen with green “graphics.” We also developed unique content to engage with trivia fanatics on Twitter by creating a multiple choice question-and-answer experience.

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