The Design Clinic Pattern

The Design Clinic Identity

We created and branded an event series for entrepreneurs who want to understand and use design to build their business.

Branding, Illustration, Digital, Print

The Design Clinic Colour Palette

Concept and Direction

Design can be an intimidating subject for entrepreneurs, but is essential to the growth of their business. We decided to host an event series educating entrepreneurs on best practices and giving them the opportunity to get a short consultation about their business. The idea was to make design and designers more approachable to them, while allowing designers to learn more about the early stage problems new businesses face. This goal heavily informed the creative for the series, resulting in a friendly and inviting identity.


The core symbol for the logo is a pencil, which we chose in order to signify the educational nature of the event and a key step of the design process, sketching. The pencil forms a smile, to humanize our brand and to relate to one of our core values, making design more approachable. We also created a small format logo for applications with limited space.

The Design Clinic Colour Palette

Colour Palette

Our colour palette consists of primarily white and black to create a clean look but also uses some bright accent colours to contrast the white and black and to act as highlighting colours. The combination of all the colours create an elementary look which hints to the series being for people who are inexperienced when it comes to design.


We decided to extend the identity by creating supporting illustrations. We depicted objects that relate to different areas of design and medicine as a way to represent the name. The style is hand drawn to play off of the logo and to reference drawings you would find in notebooks. The illustrations are used as a pattern and icons for various applications.


We designed and developed a custom landing page where people can learn about the series, see upcoming events, and to attract volunteers and sponsors. Visitors are able to stay up to date with the series by signing up for the newsletter.



The print applications let people know they are at the right location starting with the signage. The stickers and name tags help create a strong brand presence during the event while the postcard informs the attendees about upcoming events.

Social Content

Leading up to each event there are series of posts for announcing the event theme, speakers and panelists. To keep the audience engaged after each event, there are posts repurposing content from the keynote presentation.


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